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Lighting White Candle

How to care for your candle

Get the most life out of your candle by following these simple tips

Candle Care: FAQ

Trim the wick

Before lighting any candle, trim the wick to 1/4". Wick trimmers are a great accessory to have, especially if you burn taller candles. One thing that is great about BCC is that the wick is considered self-trimming. After you have burned the candle, the wick will have a black mushroom. When you re-light the candle, use your lighter or match to knock the black mushroom off, and the wick will be the right length!

Full melt pool

When you are burning your candle, allow the top to completely melt before blowing the candle out. Soy wax has a memory and this will allow the candle to burn the whole way to the edge of the vessel every time you burn. If you do not allow it to melt completely, it may tunnel.

Only burn for 4 hours

Maximum time to burn a candle is 4 hours. If a candle is burned longer than that, the vessel may become too hot and unsafe.

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